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1code is a revolutionary social media networking application for engaging in the most intuitive way with people, organizations and events.
Our mission is to make the smartest phonebook application ever.

We at 1code believe that we can only solve problems which we deeply care about and that is why we are extremely focused while also being extremely creative in our approach to finding solutions that are simple and effective.

Hub for Trending Events


1code is a smart phonebook and revolutionary calendar. It simplifies the way you share, organize, update your contact information and set up meetings with your contacts. Why go through the effort of exchanging mobile numbers, e-mails, business cards, QR codes, LinkedIn, and other social media usernames when you can simply share your 1code?

Create your 1code now. You can choose a preferred name, existing Gmail, or Twitter username as your 1code and start sharing!

To know more about our product, please read the features below.


  • Lifetime one number

    All your contacts in one place

    Access and organize all your contacts in one place. You can organize your contacts by groups–friends, family, business, or colleagues– and subgroups, which you can personalize any way you want. You can even customize the privacy settings of each contact detail, only sharing certain contact details to particular groups!

    Lifetime one number

    1code for a lifetime

    Your 1code is like your username. It’s the only thing you need to share with your existing contacts or when meeting someone new. You can store all your up-to-date contact information on your 1code profile. Update or make changes to your contact details and your 1code contacts will have the updated version automatically once you make changes to your profile.

    Lifetime one number

    Seamless Calendar Sharing

    Scheduling a meeting shouldn’t be so complicated! All we need is a solution to schedule meetings easily. Unlike your existing calendar, 1code gives you the ability to share your calendar with your contacts of your choice, so that they can see when you are busy or available. Save time on scheduling meetings.

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  • Roger Smith

    I was at a networking event, opened my 1code app and quickly scanned a business card, I was amazed how easy it was to save that contact and the auto invite email that was sent to that contact! That’s what I call an easy connection!

    John Roe

    I love 1code! Saves me tons of money on business cards by sharing with everyone my 1code, no need for business cards anymore.

    Jack Smith

    My business meeting went much smoother with 1code! We exchanged information between 10 people attending the meeting using the bluetooth feature, it was so fast I was blown away!

    Greg Cory

    Trending events feature is great. It saves me tons of time and helps me find most valuable information

    Sam Paul

    Calendar feature in trending event was really nice

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